What is My Own Virtual Wallet?  My Own Virtual Wallet is a Mobile App that everyday  users can upload images of their insurance cards and other important documents in their personal 'virtual' wallet.

Who can benefit from having their 'own virtual wallet'?  This wallet was designed with the everyday user in mind.  Oftentimes we have our phones on us more often than cards that we may or may not use on a daily basis, with the mobile app, your cards go wherever you go.

When is the best time to update my wallet?  It is recommended to update your wallet whenever you have a new insurance cards, highly recommend around open enrollment.  Most people may get a mail out containing their new cards and when its time to utilize the cards, they are misplaced or damaged.

Where can I download My Own Virtual App?  The app will be available as a download for iPhone users and Android Users. The app will be available as a 'basic'version or as a 'premium' version.

What features does the basic wallet offer?  The basic wallet has designated 'files' specifically set aside for medical/dental/vision card, driver's license, car registration.

What features does the PREMIUM version offer?  The PREMIUM download offers the same features of the basic download, but includes designated files for student id's, Membership Cards, Library Cards, Mortgage Calculator, Currency Convertor, Stock Market Monitor, Receipt Files and Location features.

Will the app notify me when my cards are set to expire?  My Own Virtual Wallet has a feature to update users on the expiration of their cards.  The user will input the expiration date (optional) upon loading up their wallet.  The user will only get notified of expiration if the date is inputted by the user.


Will My Own Virtual Wallet be password protected?  Yes, each user will create their own individual password.

Can users delete uploaded pictures within My Own Virtual Wallet?  Yes, users will be able to delete and update their wallets as needed